Summer Camp Offerings for 2023

We’d call this ‘summer camp with a twist,’ but we’d be lying — there are jumps, flips, spins, and plenty of laughs too!

If you know a camp enthusiast who’s 7+ years old, keep reading! We might just have the adventure they crave.

» Half Day Camp

Circus & Aerial Arts Camp

♦ Recreational circus skills
A perfect way for campers to get an introduction to the circus!

9AM – 12PM (drop off at 8:45am, activities start at 9am)

-Aerial Arts
-Ground Arts

LED Saber Training Camp

♦ LED saber camp, introduction to sword combat with a space twist!

1pm-4pm (latest pick up 4:15pm)

-LED saber flourishing
-Basic combat


$135 + HST (half day)

$260 + HST (full day, both camps)
5% Sibling discount

5 weeks to choose from!

What to wear:

Comfortable clothing you can move in, such as leggings or sweat pants.  Please no shorts or Jeans

No Jewellery or anything that could catch in equipment

*All parents are required to sign a waver on the first day

Contact us and secure a spot (or two)! ?‍♀️?‍♂️