About Us

About Us

Cirque’letics is a community-based educational facility where all individuals, regardless of age, skill or ability, can safely learn and develop circus and acrobatic-based skills as a means of personal growth and enrichment. We strive to contribute to the artistic community of Newfoundland and Labrador through the learning and creation of circus-based educational programs and performances.

Meet Danielle

Photo credit: Scott Humbar

Danielle Aubut brings over 20 years of experience in the circus and fitness industry to Cirque’letics.

She started her career as a recreational gymnastics instructor, teaching both children and teenagers. This teaching experience led her to receive her Canadian NCCP Level 1 National Coaching Certification for artistic floor gymnastics and trampoline. Later, Danielle attended the New England Center for Circus Arts (the professional program was by audition only). She went on to graduate with a specialization in aerial arts.

After graduation, Danielle set her sights on Hong Kong. She soon found herself working with Perform Crew Entertainment as both a coach and a performer. Since then, she has performed across Canada, the United States, and Asia, even making television appearances in Taiwan. She has seen success at the PPS Aerial Performance Tournament in Hong Kong, placing third in 2012 and being awarded runner-up in the professional division in 2015. In addition to performing, Danielle has trained two athletes to the competitive level and both won runner-up recognition in their respected divisions at PPS.

Recently, Danielle obtained a CanFitPro certification in personal training. Additionally, she acquired her instructor certification from École nationale de cirque (National Circus School) in Montréal. This internationally recognized certification is comprised of a one-year training program recognized by the Government of Québec as a university credit.

Outside of her fitness and circus arts experience, Danielle holds a Bachelor of Education (Intermediate/Secondary) from Memorial University of Newfoundland and is well-versed in an array of teaching methods.

Qualifications & Certificates
♦ Professional Program, Aerial Arts Specialization — New England Center for Circus Arts
♦ Instructor Certification — École nationale de cirque (National Circus School)
♦ Bachelor of Education (Intermediate/Secondary) — Memorial University of Newfoundland
♦ Trapeze Teacher Training — Taught by Elsie and Serenity Smith
♦ Personal Trainer Certification — CanFitPro
♦ Artistic Floor Gymnastics and Trampoline — NCCP Level 1 National Coaching Certification (with Level 2 Theory)
♦ CPR/First Aid Qualifications
♦ Third Place, Silk Technical Division; First Place Showmanship Award — 2012 PPS Aerial Performance Tournament, and recipient of the showmanship award for most entertaining act
♦ Runner-Up, Professional Trapeze Division — 2015 PPS Aerial Performance Tournament

Meet Grayson

Grayson started training trapeze in 2016 at the Calgary Circus Studio, hoping to fulfill their childhood dream of running away with the circus.

In 2022 they started teaching and training at Cirqueletics. Having since danced on the side of the Atlantic building, spun fire fans in Lewisport and performed on the trapeze for festival crowds.

Grayson has a Bachelor of Design from the Alberta University of the Arts and is currently determined to learn how to juggle

Meet Salto

Salto has been doing circus since he was eight weeks old. Splitting his time between providing moral support to students and following his dream of jumping through flaming hoops. He enjoys long walks through muddy water and loves eating socks.


Our Facilities

♦ 18ft Aerial Truss system, the only one of it’s kind in Newfoundland, as well as multiple points off of our 21ft ceiling
♦ Full 3000sqft Warehouse Facilities with newly renovated interior
♦ Pulley system integrated into all aerial points, including several 3:1 fly points for human lift
♦ 15ft inflatable tumbling track ♦ Indoor Vertical dance training Wall

♦ A full roster of safety equipment including full size crash mats and our Safety Line spotting system for Aerial apparatus and Partner Acrobatics.
♦ Large selection of aerial arts equipment including: aerial hammock, aerial silks, straps, corde lisse, Spanish web, aerial cube, dance trapeze, dbl trapeze, aerial hoop, flying pole, counterweight harness and bungee dance and our newest addition an indoor vertical dance wall.
♦ Central location close to Kelsey drive shopping center, the Avalon mall and right off the outer ring road off ramp.
♦ Lots of parking availability