Here at PoleFreaks Studio, we believe that the benefits of pole fitness are for everyone. We focus on the gymnastics of pole fitness and believe that everyone can benefit from and enjoy this sport. It’s low impact and high fitness!

Class Offerings

We are now offering a mixed level class where each student will get individual coaching on their skill levels and requirements. Set goals and choose your own pole path with our one-on-one approach to coaching. Practice spins, inverting and build strength. Learn safe pole practice as well as fun choreography too. Students will also learn headstands, handstands and work on their flexibility.

Small classes keep safety a priority and ensure that there is always quality coaching. You will concentrate on proper body movement, body alignment, and clean lines, all while pointing your toes! Each student will be encouraged to explore their strengths and set their own goals.

Pole fitness will give you the strength and confidence that naturally carries over to other sports and everyday activities. You’ll love how rewarding your pole journey can be!

» Schedule

  • Tuesday @ 5:45 pm
  • Thursday @ 8:00 pm
  • Saturday @ 10:00 am

🔔 The first sign up for this class is 4-week long at $90.00. This gives you a chance to figure out whether pole fitness is for you! All sign-ups after those 4 weeks will be 8 weeks long at $175.00.

⏱ Drop-ins are $25 each, depending on availability.

💌 Email polefreaksstudio@gmail.com with questions or availability inquiries!

Special Events

Includes: Stagette/bachelorette parties; birthday parties; private parties

Enjoy a fun and exciting party with PoleFreaks Studio. Your party can be accommodated to meet your special needs and requests! Through consultation, we can customize your party to suit you and your guests’ expectations while focusing on acrobatics, fitness, and of course, FUN! Please contact us for more details and booking!

An hour and a half booking for $200, with the option of adding another half an hour for $50.

🔔 A $50 non-refundable deposit is required for special event bookings.

💌 Email polefreaksstudio@gmail.com with questions or availability inquiries!

Meet Melissa

Melissa Ralph — PoleFreaks Owner and Head Coach

Melissa Ralph is a certified gymnastics coach and has been teaching since she was 15 years old.

She grew up in a gym practicing gymnastics, choreographing dance/floor routines and performing in many competitions throughout her years. She reached the national level in gymnastics and also studied an array of dance genres. These days, however, Melissa is an aerialist. She has also tried her hand at fire-eating, silks, lyra and anything else in the circus world that looks interesting!

Melissa started teaching pole over 5 years ago after falling in love with the fitness rewards and the amazing feeling of empowerment that goes hand-in-hand with the art form. She loves that pole combines all of her studied sports and, as a result, strives to share her passion with others in her PoleFreaks studio.

Pole combines dance and acrobatics and has recently gained popularity as a mainstream form of fitness with the rewards being endless! Melissa loves to watch her students progress and just have fun! She welcomes anyone and everyone to attend her classes, no matter their fitness level, and believes that the benefits of pole fitness are for everybody.

Challenge Your Limits!